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Smith, Rauschenbach & Halloran is a Boston-based lobbying and consulting firm that represents local and national companies; trade associations; and non-profit organizations.

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Smith, Rauschenbach & Halloran hold long-standing relationships with key decision-makers including business leaders, legislative leaders, committee chairs, cabinet members, and agency heads. We know how to navigate the complex legal and regulatory environments of the Commonwealth and provide consulting services specializing in businesses, non-profits, healthcare, and energy clients.

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Our Partners

Smith, Rauschenbach & Halloran have strong relationships in the Legislature and in the Administration and have broad access to key policymakers, with a solid track record of success both legislatively and in the regulatory process. 

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Client Industries

Our record stands for itself in legislation, public policy, and representing clients in highly complex regulatory and competitive environments. We specialize in medical, healthcare, energy, construction and non-profit sectors.

In addition to Massachusetts, we also represent clients in Washington, D.C and China.

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Chinese International Services

Smith, Rauschenbach & Halloran have well established relationships in Northeast China facilitating access to health care and academic sectors,  they have represented interests both in China wanting to do business in the US and US business interested in opportunities in China.  Song YongJun has strong connections to the business community,  the medical community, the party and academic institutions in Liaoning province and beyond.

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Smith, Rauschenbach & Halloran
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Dennis Smith

Dennis A. Smith has had a long background in State Government. Dennis specializes in serving clients in the healthcare industry. 

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Henri Rauschenbach

Henri Rauschenbach has worked in high level positions in the governor's office for two administrations. He has represented a wide variety of interest, specializing in healthcare & energy.

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Ken Halloran

Kenneth P. Halloran, Esq. came to the firm after fourteen years as Government Relations Director for the Massachusetts State Police, the largest law enforcement agency in New England. 

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Song Yongjun

Song Yongjun has an Associate Degree in Business Management from Northern Mariana College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy from Baruch College in New York City.

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